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- [[ version 0.1 on sourceforge]]
===Example Usage===
You have your images in some folder, e.g. /home/youraccount/images
You want resized thumbnails of all images on your homepage with a max width/height of 100 pixel
Install the phpImageProcessor
Create a profile file profile100.php with the following lines:
$profile["basePath"] = "/home/youraccount/images";
$profile["maxWidth"] = 100;
$profile["maxHeight"] = 100;
Now you can just use the image src urls in this form (resize to 100pixel and caching is done automatically):
- [[ version 0.1 on sourceforge]]>>

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- integrated caching solution (expensive processing of the image is done only once)
- open source ([[ LGPL]] license)
- integrated caching solution
- open source (LGPL license)

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- support of jpg, gif and png files (depends on the gd lib version)
- support of jpg,gif and png files (depends on the gd lib version)

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====Welcome to the phpImageProcessor Project!====
Latest stable release:
- [[ version 0.1 on sourceforge]]>>
==What is phpImageProcessor?==
phpImageProcessor is an independent and flexible image processor and caching solution and provides the following features:
- resizing of images
- easy to configure
- dynamically or static defined processing values (e.g. resize size)
- support of jpg,gif and png files (depends on the gd lib version)
- support of multiple profiles
- flexible and simple integration to other applications
- integrated caching solution
- open source (LGPL license)
==Feedback or Problems!?==
- Did you encounter some problems? Use our [[ bug tracker]] or [[ support tracker]]!
- Do you need more features? Tell us and use the [[ feature request tracker]]
- PHP 4.3
- installed gd-library (included in default php installations)
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